Northwest Skier Magazine History

Way back in the summer of 1958, in Yakima Washington, Bill Tanler started a little newsletter sized magazine he called "Northwest Skier."

The industry was new in the US but devotees clamored to the mountains to ski on what we now know was prehistoric equipment, zipping down virgin hills devoid of other skiers.

The size and format of the magazine changed over time eventually becoming a slick 8x10 format and then a larger tabloid size with large color photos and longer articles. In 1993, the ownership of the magazine changed too, ending up with Xtreme Publishing and now Plumbob Publishing.

Ski equipment has become highly technical and so has this publication. With the impact of the Internet, Northwest Skier has now become an online only magazine. But that allows us more room for articles, bigger & better photos, a limitless archive, reference material and more.

Help us with History

Over the years many of the old print magazines have disappeared and now we are now looking for prior readers to see how will have copies.

If so, we want to ask to have them digitzed for safe keeping, and we'll return them to the owners. If you happen to have any copies, please call us today.

Become Part of History

If you love to write, take photos or create videos this is your invitation to join the team at Northwest Skier Magazine.

Send your articles, news, press releases, photos and videos to:

800-854-2834 extension 902

DETAILS: Please submit your stories, news, press releases, photos and videos to us. We'll use as many as possible but can't respond to every inquiry and there is no payment or compensation. This website is copyrighted and by submitting material you authorize Plumbob Publishing to display it on websites and printed materials it publicizes. To submit professional photos and articles for payment consideration, email the editor.